Hot Cup Sleeve Set By Golden Spoon: Hot Mug Holder Jackets For All Hot And Cold Beverages, Stylish Design For Protection Against Extreme Temperatures, Matches All Cups, For Coffee, Tea And Chocolate

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  • NO MORE BURNING HOT CUPS: Don’t you just hate it when you grab some coffee on your way to work and the cup is so hot that you can’t even hold it without burning your fingers? We know the feeling. With our hot cup sleeves you can protect your hands at all times and hold your cup without a worry in the world!
  • PERFECT FOR ALL CUPS: The Golden Spoon hot cup jackets are perfect for all cups. The high quality protective sleeves will fit perfectly on your coffee cup no matter how large or tall it is. With the Golden Spoon hot cup sleeves you can never go wrong!
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Forget about the boring old brown hot cup sleeves that every coffee shop has. Those cup jackets are ugly and destroy your aesthetic. You can now stand out from the crowd with our unique and stylish hot cup sleeves! Get the latest trend now!
  • IDEAL FOR ALL BEVERAGES: No matter if you enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the winter or an ice cold coffee, you need to hold your cup comfortably. With our cup jackets you can hold your favorite beverage without burning or freezing your fingers, for a strong and comfortable grip.
  • CREATE THE PERFECT MATCH: You can match our hot cup sleeves with our beverage cups. The sleeves have the same design as the cups so people will not even be able to tell that your cup is wearing a sleeve! Match them now for maximum style and comfort.


Sip Your Coffee In Style

Imagine this:

It’s a cold January morning and you are on your way to work.

You’re a little bit late and in a hurry, you’re freezing and you’re tired and all you want is to get a steaming cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop.

But oh, no!

When you finally get to hold your precious coffee it’s so hot that it burns your fingers through the cup and you accidently spill it all over you!

Bet this has happened a few times before, right?

Well, you will never have to go through this again with our unique hot cup sleeves!

Convenient And Stylish

The Golden Spoon hot cup sleeves will protect your hands from hot beverages so you can easily hold your cups.

The sleeves can fit perfectly any kind of standard cup, no matter what its size is.

Use the sleeves to safely hold your coffee, hot chocolate, tea or chai latte during the winter or your iced tea and iced coffee during the summer.

Unlike most cup sleeves that are brown and boring, ours have a unique and very stylish design that will complement your style.

The sleeves have the same design as our cups so you can match them and drink your favorite beverage in style!

Get Yours Now And Stand Out From The Crowd

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