Set Of 6 Lids By Golden Spoon: 6 Airtight Lids With Holes And 6 Long Black Straws For 18 Oz Glass Drinking Bottles – Durable Stainless Steel Replacement Caps – Washable Lids With A Hole For Straws

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  • NO MORE SPILLS AND LEAKS: You don’t want to make a mess with your glass drinking bottle? Then get the set of 6 lids and save yourself the effort of cleaning the table or changing and cleaning your clothes. The Golden Spoon lids will keep the liquid in place and everything outside the glass bottle dry!
  • SIP YOUR DRINK WITH EASE: The 6 lids have a hole in the center, where you can put the Golden Spoon black long straws that are included in the bundle. You can now enjoy your drink and take as many sips as you want with ease, even while you’re on the move. Your life just became easier!
  • SPECIALLY MADE FOR 18oz BOTTLES: This lids have been specially designed to fit glass drinking bottles. More precisely, Golden Spoon has designed them to perfectly fit 18 oz glass bottles. They will securely lock on the spout of the bottle and will not fit on any other container.
  • MADE OF HIGH QUALITY STEEL: The durable lids for glass bottles are made of high quality stainless steel. You can wash them as often as you want and the steel will not get rusty or ruined. In fact, it will always look as good as new! So you can now replace the caps of your glass bottles with these, since they will last longer!
  • A RISK-FREE PURCHASE: If you have 18oz glass drinking bottles, then these are the lids and straws you’re looking for! We are 100% sure that they will fit perfectly on your bottle and that you’ll be satisfied with them! Otherwise, thanks to our 60-day money back guarantee, you can get a full refund!
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Special Lids For Your 18oz Glass Drinking Bottles

Do you happen to have 18oz glass drinking bottles and need to get lids for them? Then these are the lids you’ve been looking for!

This is a set of 6 durable, sleek lids with holes and 6 special straws that fit the holes of the lids perfectly!

The lids will prevent the liquids of your glass bottle from spilling and leaking while you’ll be sipping your drink undisturbed.


You Can Now Enjoy Your Drink While You’re On The Move

Drinking from a bottle while you’re on the move is not easy. You actually need to stop walking in order to get a good sip.

But with the Golden Spoon lids with the holes and the special straws, you can enjoy your drink while walking.

You can now run your errands and take a sip of your drink whenever you feel thirsty, without having to stop and waste time!


These Lids And Straws Are Built To Last!

The Golden Spoon replacement lids of the glass drinking bottles are made of high quality, sleek stainless steel.

Use them all the time, wash them as often as you wish and put them in the freezer. Nothing will ever happen to the stainless steel lids.

You don’t believe us? Get the set of 6 lids and see for yourself! Their quality is obvious and undeniable.


Golden Spoon Promises To Keep You Satisfied No Matter What

This means that here at Golden Spoon we do our best to make sure that our products will keep you 100% satisfied.

However, if there is something, ANYTHING that you don’t like, let us know and we will give you your money back!

Thanks to our generous 60-day money back guarantee, there is no way that you will not end up satisfied and happy.


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