Ultimate Silicone Popsicle Molds: Premium Set Of 2 Ice Pop Makers w/ Lids/ Sturdy, Functional Design For Easy Ice Removal / Make Perfect Ice Pops w/ Water, Fresh Juice, Soft Drinks/ Great Party Gadget


  • THROW AN UNFORGETTABLE FROZEN PARTY! Turn your party into a hot conversation topic! Thrill your guests and family with neat ice popsicles cooling down their fancy mixed drinks! Get 4 perfectly wavy popsicles with a premium 2-pack silicone mold! They should be enough for endless freshness on a scorching summer day!
  • DIVINE PURE, ODORLESS POPSICLES! Use our set with fruit juice, mixer or water and get colourful frozen artefacts to brighten up your table! The ergonomic lid will prevent spillage and mess in your freezer, keeping away odors and dirt. Treat your kids or friends to the purest, healthiest frozen drinks!
  • A KILLER MONEY & SPACE SAVER SET! Why waste your money on plastic disposable ice molds? STURDY, REUSABLE and LONG-LASTING, our set will make your buddy for years of inspired drink preparation! STACK the one popsicle holder on top of the other to save precious space in your freezer!
  • EASY ICE POP REMOVAL! The flexible silicone material of this ice insulation gadget will make removing your popsicles A BREEZE! Just leave the ANTI-STICK wavy sticks in room temp for a couple of minutes or soak them in tap water and have little angels jumping for joy! Wash your set with soapy water or place it in the dishwasher!
  • PERFECT POPSICLES OR YOUR MONEY BACK! We are proud of the quality of our frozen pop molds and we know you will just LOVE them! This is why we are making your experience absolutely RISK- FREE, backed by reliable Money Back Guarantee! To us, your satisfaction is #1 priority!
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Get An Amazing Popsicle Mold Set & Break The Ice In Your Party!

Can you think of anything cooler than ice popsicles livening up your mixed drinks in your get-together with friends?

If you are tired of flimsy popsicle makers that stick to your fingers or get easily ripped, we have news!

If you ‘ve had enough with the mess in your freezer, caused by spilled juice or sodas, you can now sigh in relief!


Show Off Your Creativity And Impress Your Family And Guests With The Perfect Ice Pops!

An original alternative to common ice cube trays, our set of 2 BPA-free popsicle molds will treat you to the PERFECT WAVY POPSICLES that will take your drinking experience to a whole new level!

Unleash your creativity, making fancy colorful drinks, filling each ice cold mold with cranberry or lemon juice and let it gloriously melt in the glass, leaving your guests a long-lasting impression!


A Frozen Party Kit To Entertain The Kids!

Thrill your little angels with colourful soft drinks or juice!

Squeeze together healthy fresh juice, fill the ice molds with it and let it freeze for a while to put a wide smile on their faces with the stunning frozen drinks!


A Great Gifting Idea

Offer this original ice preparation gadget to your friends looking to make their drink preparation cooler and have them thankful for your excellent choice!

Easy to remove, thanks to the EASY GRIP sticks, STACKABLE and EASILY WASHED, our NON-STICK set will take their creative skills to a pro level!


And The Best Part?

You can now buy with confidence, as our premium set is backed by full Refund Policy, making your shopping experience absolutely RISK-FREE!

So, wait no more!


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