Waterproof Silicone Bib (Set of 2), Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray with Clip-on Lid, Gum-Friendly First Stage Soft Tip Silicone Feeding Spoons for Babies (Set of 2), BPA Free, Great Baby Food Bundle


No Need Cook For Your Baby Multiple Times Throughout The Day!

You can now cook once and store the food in the baby pop-out portion tray. You’ll then have 10 portions ready to be eaten!

The pop-out portion tray comes with a lid, so that the food will stain in place and won’t create a mess when you carry it around.

Put it in the freezer to keep it fresh and the next day put it in the microwave to warm it up for your baby. How convenient is that?

You Won’t Have To Change Your Baby’s Clothes After You Feed Her/Him!

This might have been your reality so far, but thanks to Golden Spoon, you won’t have to change your baby’s clothes after you feed them.

The 100% waterproof silicone baby bib with the deep pocket will keep your baby dry and clean during feeding time.

All you have to do is adjust the baby bib to your baby’s neck and grab the pop-out portion tray and the feeding spoon!

You And Golden Spoon Have One Very Important Thing In Common!

We both care tremendously about your little human’s safety! This is what motivates us to create the safest baby products on the market.

The baby pop-out portion tray with the lid, the bibs and the spoons are all made with BPA and PVC free silicone.

This means that it’s 100% free of hazardous chemicals! Your baby will be absolutely safe and you’ll be calm and happy.

Make Feeding Time Easier Or Get Your Money Back!

Here at Golden Spoon we strive to create products that will make your life easier and more pleasant.

We know that the baby feeding set with the pop-out portion tray, the 2 bibs and the 2 spoons will do that for you.

However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied, thanks to our 60-day guarantee, you can get your money back!

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  • 👶A COMPLETE SET FOR YOUR BABY: It’s time to feed your baby? Golden Spoon just made things easier for you with this complete set! The baby pop-out proportion tray with the lid allows you to have multiple portions of food ready. So wear the bib on your baby to keep things clean, and grab the feeding spoon. We just saved you time, effort and money!
  • 👶100% SAFE FOR YOUR LITTE HUMAN: Your baby’s safety is our number one priority, that’s why we’ve used only use food grade materials to create the baby pop-out tray, the spoons and the bibs. The silicone is BPA and PVC free, so you can have some peace of mind! Golden Spoon will take care of your baby as if it was our own
  • 👶YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO REPLACE IT: Why? Because this baby pop-out portion tray is built to last! The durable silicone can withstand any temperature and it is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. And when your baby grows up, don’t throw the portion tray away! You can use it as food storage and take it with you on picnics or at the beach!
  • 👶THE MOST PRACTICAL BABY BIBS: These baby bibs will keep your baby dry, clean and happy! They are adjustable so they will feel very comfortable on your baby’s sensitive skin, and their silicone is, of course, 100% waterproof. It is also designed with a pocket that gathers the food and liquids that fall, so that nothing will touch your baby’s clothes and skin!
  • 👶YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARENTEED: The set of the pop-out portion tray, the bibs and the spoons will make your life much easier! That’s why we are 100% sure that you’ll never regret this purchase! We want you to feel sure, too, so keep in mind that with the 60- day money back guarantee, you can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with this set!


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